Quality information leads to better decisions. Using the latest technical advancements in falling weight deflectometer testing and ground penetrating radar testing, West Coast Road Testing & Consulting Ltd. provides accurate analysis of existing pavements and aims to deliver high quality data and solutions for all project levels. Our testing and consulting services will save you time and help you make better decisions.



Drilling is costly and time consuming. We provide an alternative that leaves your pavement intact and avoids lengthy laboratory testing.  Faster data collection means a faster turnaround, so you can get on with your project with minimal delays.

Know Your Pavement Better

Conventional methods utilize only a handful of randomized sample points, and leave much to guesswork. Using state-of-the art technology, we able to extract an accurate picture of what lies beneath the pavement surface and how it performs.

Less Impact on Traffic

When using equipment that is fully controllable from inside our survey vehicles, gathering data is not only fast, but it’s safe. Our GPR tester can operate at highway speed, and our FWD can be quick enough that road closures become unnecessary.

Real Pavement Solutions

Every project is unique. We offer data collection, analysis, engineering and design services for all project and network levels. Our wealth of experience will help you make your project a success.