Established in 2011, West Coast Road Testing & Consulting Ltd. is an employee owned corporation that specializes in testing and engineering of materials and pavements. Through our operation and promotion of new technologies, particularly non-destructive pavement investigation and evaluation, we provide top quality services for our clients. We are located on the beautiful coast of BC, and the projects we work on span across all of Western Canada.


What We Do

        Assess Pavement
From the surface to the foundation, we provide the information you need to make
knowledgeable decision
        Recommend Solutions
Beyond options and alternatives, we recommend specific solutions that are best for you
        Support Implementation
We are your trusted advisor through the entire project right to completion

Our Value

        We See Around Curves
Anticipating what is coming and helping you be prepared is what we do
Going beyond standard solutions to find new and effective ways to address your challenges
        Making Rough Roads Smooth
Removing technical barriers and recommending innovative solutions