Consulting and Pavement Engineering

Our strength lies in our vast and deep understanding of pavements. Since 1991 we have worked on a large scope of projects in BC and abroad, and have amassed a wealth of experience in the field. The basket of services we offer makes us a one-stop shop for pavement engineering.

From data collection, data processing, to data evaluation or consultation, we offer the following pavement engineering services:

  • Pavement investigation
    • Falling Weight Deflectometer
    • Ground Penetrating Radar
    • Logging of shallow boreholes and test pits
    • Asphalt coring
    • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer
    • Pavement condition survey
    • Pavement Management – FWD and GPR data collection and processing;

    • FWD data processing and evaluation to predetermined level:
      • Level 1 – Normalized Deflections and Subgrade Resilient Modulus (Mr)
      • Level 2 – As above, plus Deflection Basin Area, Effective Pavement Modulus, Structure Number Effective when pavement layer thicknesses area provided.
      • Level 3 – As above, plus Structure Number Future and Strengthening Analysis when traffic data is provided.
    • GPR data processing
      • Tabulated pavement layer thicknesses;
      • Plotted pavement profiles;
      • Coloured charts in Google Earth (KLM files).
    • Pavement designs
      • for various types of loading, from light duty municipal local roads to heavy duty industrial pavements,
      • for specific subgrade conditions,
      • for specific climatic conditions
      • recommend rehabilitation strategies
    • Materials selection and reviews of:
      • Subgrade conditions
      • Engineered fills
      • Asphalt Technologies
        • Marshall and Superpave Asphalt
        • Warm Mix Asphalt
        • Foamed asphalt stabilization
        • Recycled materials – RAP and RAS

    • Inspection services during roadway construction

    • Forensic engineering