Other Testing

Subsurface Investigation

Non-destructive testing paired with sub-surface investigations are a powerful combination. NDT lowers the need for frequent intrusive applications by filling information in between drill holes, while a drill hole provides information about the type of materials present below the surface, and serves as a ground-truth for calibrations. We offer the following services as add-ons to our NDT testing:

  • Asphalt Coring
  • Drilling
  • Test Pitting

Hand-held Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) Testing

The DCP test is an efficient and accurate way to determine the strength of in-situ soil and the thickness and location of soil layers. More accurate than a STP test, less expensive that a CPT test, and less troublesome than nuclear testing, the DCP test is often a good option for projects that need to know the state of their soil.

The advantage of this method is:

  • In-situ soil bearing in CBR can be directly calculated from penetration ratio
  • It can be used in vehicle inaccessible locations, or within pavement after asphalt cores removal
  • Change in penetration ratio can accurately determine depth of layers
DCP Testing on Sierra Yoyo Desan road north of Fort Nelson, BC
DCP Testing on Sierra Yoyo Desan road north of Fort Nelson, BC

Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) Testing

Measuring soil bearing capacity of subgrade soil and unbound structure layers of flexible pavements produces important information preferred in some instances to the traditional soil density testing, which is a current standard in road construction. Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) testing is one of several non-destructive methods which can be used for this application as investigative tool for pavement design and a tool for QC/QA testing in construction industry. It is a fast method which can be run independently of any laboratory testing program. Test results are displayed directly after testing, and can be stored and further processed using a built-in software. Because the falling weight is very light (8 kg), deflections are greatly influenced by soil condition near the surface., and the variability of test results is high due to the fluctuating moisture and composition of the surface layer.  

Prima 100 LWD
Prima 100 LWD